Four years of working within student leadership at UBC has allowed me to develop the following direction I would take the President Office if elected.


1. The Strategic Plan

I plan to build on the Strategic Plan that the current executive has been working on this year. A document like this cannot be ignored by an incoming Executive; it is something we have to collectively work on with  Council and AMS Staff. This document will guide the next AMS Executive in increasing engagement with campus partners and students, increasing support for subsidiary groups, continuing to grow a culture of consultation, and providing transparency in our communications and finances.

2. The Governance Review

Moving the AMS in a positive direction includes furthering the important work being done with the Governance Review. Having been a member of the committee that started working on the review, I am excited about the opportunity to return to working with this review in a way that will benefit the student body.

3. Student Life and Mental Health and Well Being

Maintaining our support for varsity athletics and student life on campus, including supporting our clubs in constituencies in their initiatives, is key to continuing to grow campus spirit. The  AMS’s  2015/16 Academic Experience Survey showed a connection betweens students involved on campus, a sense of community, and a positive mental well being. I believe empowering student involvement on campus would lead students to feel a sense of purpose and community that eventually leads to an increase in positive well being.

4. UBC’s Sexual Assault Policy

UBC’s sexual assault policy is currently under review, and I feel that consultation with professionals more well versed in the topic than myself would be a necessary step in finalizing this policy, so that it supports victims in the best way possible. One point that I would like to discuss further is how reports against Faculty and Staff are sent to their “Administrative Head of Unit” for investigation. Instead, it could be more appropriate to allow the “Administrative Head of Unit” to delegate the investigation to an expert.

If you have any questions about my campaign or the points within it, please do not hesitate to reach out. I would be happy to have a discuss any questions you may have.