My goal is always to represent students to the best of my ability.  Since coming to UBC, and the AMS, I have been actively engaged on campus in numerous leadership roles, including many with the EUS, where I represent students on campus.  I have used these experiences, from within UBC and with external groups, to improve my leadership skills and my knowledge of the student environment at UBC.  I believe that these experiences have prepared me to take on the role of AMS President.

Some of the highlights of my leadership experiences over the last three years are:

  • 2015-2016 President of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS)
  • 2015-2016 Chairof the AMS Executive Oversight Committee
  • 2015-2016 Chair of the AMS Student Life and Communications Committee
  • 2016 Chair of the AMS Budget Committee
  • 2014-2015 VP Student Life of the EUS
  • 2014-2015 President of the Western Engineering Student Societies Team (WESST)
  • Camps Coordinator, Sponsorship Coordinator, and Instructor for Geering Up UBC Engineering and Science for Kids

Moving forward, the AMS will need strong leadership, dedication, and commitment to continue to grow involvement and engagement with students.  Having previous knowledge of the AMS will be extraordinarily important in continuing to these initiatives. Through being an AMS Councillor and Committee Chair, I have a clear understanding of the current state of the AMS, and how to begin initiatives within Committee and Council. Below are a few of the Committees or groups I have provided leadership with:

  1. First Year Council Chair
  2. PAF Travel & Conferences Committee (2 Years)
  3. PAF Student Teams Committee (2 Years)
  4. PAF Advisory Committee (2 Years)
  5. EUS Council  (3 Years)
  6. EUS Executive (2 Years)
  7. EUS Executive Awards (2 Years)
  8. AMS Student Life and Communications Committee (1.5 Years)
  9. Civil Club Member-at-Large
  10. Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race Spirit Committee
  11. AMS Executive Oversight Committee
  12. AMS Agenda Committee
  13. AMS Budget Committee
  14. AMS Governance Committee
  15. AMS Council
  16. PAF Governance Review Committee
  17. December 6th Memorial Committee
  18. EUS Conferences Committee
  19. EUS Design Teams Committee
  20. ESC Governance Committee Chair
  21. ESC Steering Committee
  22. United Way Turkey Trot 2015 Organizing Committee
  23. Faces of Today Awards Selection Committee
  24. Nestor Korchinsky Student Leadership Award Selection Committee
  25. Orientations Steering Committee
  26. Walter Gage Memorial Fund
  27. Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) Board of Directors
  28. Western Engineering Student Societies Team (WESST) Executive Committee
  29. WESST Administration Council
  30. Western Engineering Competition 2017 Organizing Committee
  31. CFES Presidents Meeting 2015 Bid Creator
  32. WESST Retreat & Olympics 2014 Organizing Committee
  33. Geering Up Board of Advisers Policy Co-Chair
  34. Geering Up Board of Advisers Policy Committee
  35. South Burnaby Youth Soccer Coach