Onjaree Chongpaisansakul Endorsement

Onjaree Chongpaisansakul

I’m Onjaree Chongpaisansakul, Chemical and Biological Engineering Undergraduate Co-President of 2015-2016, and I am happy to endorse Alan Ehrenholz for VP Administration of the AMS.

Alan’s commitment in creating an engaging and inclusive campus environment shows through in his leadership experiences, which makes him an ideal candidate for this position. I have worked on the Engineering Undergraduate Society Council under his presidency and led my department in last year’s Engineering Week, which he organized as EUS VP Student Life. With his awareness of students’ needs and drive to address them, Alan has made tangible improvements to existing programs in the faculty and effectively engages students in the community in his EUS Executive roles.

Alan’s strong resume and capabilities will undoubtedly lead to the success of his plan to diversify the Student Administration Commission and develop the Student Life and Sustainability Centre. I am thrilled to see his enthusiasm and dedication to building a dynamic community and embracing sustainability on campus reach greater heights through his role as VP Administration of the AMS!

Onjaree Chongpaisansakul

CHBE Co-President, 2016


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