Endorsement: Alex Hutchinson

My name is Alex Hutchinson, the current VP Student Life of the Engineering Undergraduate Society, and I’m happy to endorse Alan Ehrenholz for VP Administration of the AMS.

Alan’s strong record of engaging students, building campus community and overall leadership experience make him an outstanding candidate for this critical position. In fact, his engaging nature is the reason that i succeeded him as the 2015-2016 VP Student Life, after he so fantastically held the position in 14-15. Having worked on the EUS with Alan for 2 years, i can wholeheartedly say that Alan possesses the personality and skillset required for such a position requiring attention to detail of minor and major student groups, as would be required as the AMS VP Admin.

As current President of the EUS, i have witnessed Alan formulate a vision and plan for the year for the EUS, and whilst working on his exec team, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Alan’s plans and visions come to fruition, at the benefit of all UBC Engineering students.
I can say with certainty that Alan Ehrenholz has the skills required to make the UBC Campus home to a fun, dynamic, and engaging student body next year if elected as the AMS VP Admin.


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