Endorsement: Dallas Gawlick

My name’s Dallas, and I definitely think you should vote Alan for AMS VP Administration. Since first year Alan’s been incredibly involved on campus, building community both within engineering and without. He’s an amazing source of support for his fellow executives in the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS), and as President he’s not only competent, but resourceful, and capable.

Alan’s extensive experience with event planning and the Student Life portfolio will address the needs of clubs large and small. He’s already proven himself in managing a huge number of events for his constituents – he coordinated 35 events over the course of Engineering Week (the first week of February) when he was VP Student life for the EUS in 2015. His ability to engage the student body is invaluable, and is perfect for the changing portfolio of VP Administration.

He has a clear vision, strong experience, and immense dedication. He’s the definite choice for VP Administration – VOTE ALAN EHRENHOLZ!



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