Endorsement: Hamza Faran

Dear bored person browsing your news feed, pause scrolling for about 10 seconds. Ballots for AMS Elections and Referendum open now!

If you are lazy and would like me to tell you how to vote, here’s a simple guide:

1) Click this link: https://amsvoting.as.it.ubc.ca/

2) On the referendum: Vote YES to everything (especially the U-Pass, you might want to keep that).

3) On elections: Vote Alan Ehrenholz for VP Admin because he’s a swell guy (more importantly, working with him over this past year, he’s shown me that he’s passionate about the work he commits to doing and cares more honestly about representing the voices of students than any student representative of any capacity I’ve worked with before). For everyone else, probably read their platforms and form your own opinion.


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