Endorsement from Sean Morgan Anderson

Sean Morgan Anderson has been an amazing mentor and a great friend the past two years.  He has taught me to value truth, honesty, and hard work.  Always ready to debate, Sean has challenged me to be the best I can be since I came to UBC.

I first met Alan when he came to UBC as a starry-eyed first year in 2013. Since then, I have watched as Alan has gained a wealth of experience in leadership roles as PP President, the second year representative for Civil Engineering, Western Engineering Student Societies Team (WESST) President, and VP Student Life.

My time as VP Finance taught me that being the EUS President demands prior experience with the EUS, strong organisational skills, the ability to deal with stress, and the ability to lead. It is my opinion that Alan not only meets and excels at all these criteria, but that he has proven as much through his prior involvement. His ability to manage all of his responsibilities while juggling a social life, a relationship and school continues to impress.

My personal experiences with Alan have demonstrated to me that he is genuinely enthusiastic in his commitments, is professional is his demeanor, and is more than capable of managing teams.

It is my pleasure to endorse Alan Ehrenholz for the position of EUS President. I look forward to the direction that he will take the Society in during his term.

Sean Morgan Anderson

EUS VP Finance, 12-13


Thank you for your kind words Sean!


For full information on my campaign visit: alanehrenholz.com


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