Endorsement from Ian Campbell

I would like to thank Ian Campbell, EUS President 12-13, for writing me this endorsement.  Ian has been a mentor and a friend to me since I entered university, and his kind words mean so much to me!

Alan is extremely dedicated to the Engineering Undergraduate Society, and I have no doubts that he will make a great president. He has been one of the most enthusiastic and engaged members of the society since his first days here in 2013. He is able to lead by example, in always going the extra mile for the EUS.

Alan has been taking the time to prepare for the role of president, meeting with previous executives to get feedback on his plans for the year. When we met, he was receptive to feedback without wavering on his own ideas. He is well aware of where his strengths lie as a candidate, and is planning to advance the society in areas that could benefit from his skill set.

Ian Campbell

EUS President, 12-13


Thank you again Ian, for all you have done for me these last two years!


For full information on my campaign visit: alanehrenholz.com


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