Endorsement: Sean Morgan Anderson

As the first round of debates approaches (Today, 2pm, Performance Theatre) I would like to thank Sean Morgan Anderson, EUS VP Finance 12-13, for his endorsement.

Sean Morgan Anderson

My name is Sean Morgan Anderson, ex-VP Finance of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) (2012/2013) as well as ex-President of the Sigma Phi Delta Professional Engineering Fraternity (2014/2015), and I am enthusiastic about endorsing Alan Ehrenholz for VP Administration of the AMS!

From his early days as PP President, Second Year Civil Rep and Western Engineering Student Societies Team President, to his more recent experiences as EUS VP Student Life and EUS President, Alan has a strong record of leadership experience and a history of getting difficult things done. Alan approached all of these roles with an affable manner, a strong vision, and incredible work ethic. All of my experiences working with Alan have shown him to be efficient, nimble, pleasant, and self-sacrificing.

Along with Alan’s impressive resume of community building and event management, my personal experiences with Alan have proven to me, time and time again, his relentless enthusiasm and well rounded approach to life. It is my utmost pleasure to endorse Alan Ehrenholz for VP Administration of the AMS.

Sean Morgan Anderson

EUS VP Finance, 12-13


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