Endorsement Riley Fisher

I am Riley Fisher and I am pleased to endorse Alan Ehrenholz for VP Administration of the AMS.

I have worked with Alan over the past two years in various capacities, first being on AMS Council when I was a representative, and second when I was Forestry Undergraduate Society President. Over this course of time, it became clear to me that Alan is a strong student leader, who has the capacity to build campus community, and a strong student engager. From his campaign plan to develop the Student Life and Sustainability Centre, and his plans to address the diversification needs of the Student Administration Commission, he present concrete ideas that are tangible and realistic in the capacity of a VP Administration. His extensive experience as a EUS executive gives him the experience and knowledge to build a more dynamic, engaged, and better student body. I am happy to endorse Alan Ehrenholz as VP Adminstration of the AMS!


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