Endorsement: Liam Watson

I had the pleasure of having mutual friends with Alan for quite some time before we actually knew each other. Even before we became Facebook official, it was clear that he was hard-working and passionate about student life.

As a Residence Advisor, I saw that many of my housemates, as well as many other residents of Place Vanier, were drawn to Alan’s charisma and dedication to the adventure that is first-year engineering. It wasn’t for several months that I found out he didn’t even live in Place Vanier; he just happened to be so involved that it seemed like he had to be one of us. Over time, it was clear that this involvement extended to all aspects of his life, both inside and outside of the classroom. As an student in the faculty of arts, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Alan lead the EUS to everything that I’ve ever hoped my faculty could be. His contagious passion for what he does even had me consider switching faculties several times, despite myself already being well overdue to graduate. In my many many many days at UBC, Alan has remained one of the very few faces that is efficient, inspiring, and positive. Most importantly, he remains truly humble and genuinely inclusive despite his success, a trait that I have found to be very rare in the university experience.

I strongly endorse Alan for the position of VP Admin.


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