Endorsement: Louis Rivest

I am Louis Rivest, Co-Director at Geering Up UBC Engineering and Science for Kids, and I am happy to endorse Alan Ehrenholz for VP Administration of the AMS!

Alan has an impressive track record when it comes to building campus community, providing reliable and strong leadership, and engaging students and his teams in various difficult situations. I believe he would be an excellent candidate as VP Administration of the AMS. I worked with Alan for two years, one when Alan was a fellow co-worker and another when he was my superior. Alan demonstrated resourcefulness and effective management skills by leading a team of over 100 students all while supporting instructors and making himself available to his team. His readiness to personally approach and understand co-workers was well known, and he actively promoted equality and sustainability within our system.

Alan’s plan to better address the individual needs of small and large clubs through the SAC connects perfectly with the mindset he had working with us. He possesses both the knowledge and the experience for him to more than successfully spearhead these changes for both students and clubs in a sustainable and dynamic way. In summary, his extensive involvement in community engineering and his strong vision for the AMS sharpened by his leadership in both Geering Up and the EUS are but a fraction of why I am excited to endorse Alan Ehrenholz for VP Administration of the AMS.


Louis-Philippe Rivest,

Co-Director at Geering Up! UBC Engineering and Science for Kids


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