Endorsement: Scott Pidzarko

Scott Pidzarko

I’m Scott Pidzarko, current EUS VP Administration and I am happy to endorse Alan Ehrenholz for VP Administration of the AMS!

I’ve worked with Alan at varying capacities over his three years at UBC both with the EUS and through other ventures. His leadership experience, drive to get the job done, and strong track record of representing his constituents make him an outstanding candidate. In 2014-15 I saw Alan work selflessly as the EUS VP Student Life, making every event happen smoothly and planning tirelessly for the next thing even when he was busy working part time during the school year and swamped with homework. In Alan’s first year he led the EUS First Year council smoothly and effectively as First Year President, conducting himself with a level of professionalism and maturity rarely seen in former EUS First Year Presidents. This year I have worked with Alan as a fellow member of the EUS Executive. His knowledge of the organization and guidance has been invaluable for every member of the executive. It’s always worth asking for his opinion on a difficult issue or task.
Alan has a solid campaign platform that I fully expect to see happen if elected. His plan to diversify the SAC is solid from the perspective of clubs of every size; he has the know-how to develop the Student Life and Sustainability Center to reach it’s full potential; and his extensive experience with event planning to build community on campus would be put to work right away. His experience with the EUS, AMS, and other initiatives on campus and broad understanding of student politics will produce excellent results.


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